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It is Our Job to Help You

About Focus Employment

Why choose our services

We are constantly recruiting.  

  • We meet and test all applicants

  • We conduct reference checks

  • We provide background checks and preemployment physical and drugs screenings.


For clients, it means having access to a vast pool of skilled and prescreened candidates ready to join your team.


For candidates, we can assist you in obtaining a new permanent position or you can start as a Contracted or Temp employee for Focus. This will allow you to stay current with your skills.  Additionally, working on a temporary assignment will not prevent you from actively entertaining permanent offers.  As a matter of fact, permanent positions are often made available first and sometime only to actively working candidates.

Our process

Candidates must have a minimum of a High School Diploma or a GED equivalent and one to three years of recent experience in a similar position is preferred.  


Applicants must be able to demonstrate interpersonal skills to be successful in servicing a diverse customer base. Depending on the job, Medical Diploma and/or current license/accreditation may be requied (i.e. ICD9/10, CPT, X-ray License, MA Diploma, etc.).  EMR skills is an absolute must (NextGen, Epic, ECW, etc.).  


If you are ready, contact us now:


  1. Submit a resume

  2. Complete an application

  3. Interview with a recruiter

  4. Obtain clearance

  5. Interview with hiring manager(s)

  6. Work!

Our obligation

To our clients, we will never compromise the integrity of your business.  This means investing the necessary time to understand your corporate culture and presenting only the most qualified canididates.


For cleared candidates, you will have access to opportunities for career advancements.  Our team will work with you to win your desired job and will continue to guide you throughout your career.  


We will help you succeed.  

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